Caroline Landau



Caroline Landau is an artist from rural Wernersville, Pennsylvania. She completed her undergraduate degree in painting, drawing, and printmaking from Carnegie Mellon University in 2013. Her background and admiration of the outdoors has always made a deep presence throughout her work. 

After graduating in May 2016 from the San Francisco Art Institute with a Masters of Fine Arts in Studio Arts, Caroline made San Francisco her new home. Currently she works with glass and painting, as well as performance art. Her travels throughout Europe, New Zealand, as well as the western United States has influenced her art as she connects the land to her own body and physicality.

Artist Statement

I strive to test the limits of comfort and survival through performance, painting, and sculpture. Glass and ice are used as mediums to convey vulnerability, empathy, and endurance. Both ice and glass are on the dividing line of translucently and opacity, liquidity and solidity, as well as strength and weakness.

In performances, I focus on the essence of human nature and the breaking point of fight or flight tendencies. In an ongoing threatening situation, I view my own body and see when that moment of collapse occurs. I focus on the figure’s willingness and automatic ability to cope through shock and numbness.

I depict psychological processes of endurance in my paintings by focusing on the ambiguity of the material through the distortion of the figure.

Glass is a dance of control; gaining it by shaping it and then losing it through heating the glass, over and over again. Through these processes and changes, it is only a transfer of energy. The human and structure still exist through the process, but only in different forms. I captivate the point of collapse for both the human body and the things we are drawn to build and create.