Erica Byun



Her artworks are characterized by the abstract microcosm of our world through the use of globally-understood symbols, concepts and objects. She paints and executes ideas that have the strength to unravel themselves both physically and digitally; she holds confidence in ideas that are powerful enough to lead her and be led throughout, creating a two-directional process.

Erica had opened her eyes to art at an early age. Before developing speech, she was often caught silently but curiously pointing at works of fine and decorative arts. She began painting at the age of five and has been an artist at heart ever since. With a shared passion for supporting the art culture that Sweet Street has always identified itself with, Erica is thrilled to join the Mobile Art Kitchen, an innovative international platform for art and an exciting destination for food.



Machine Wash Only (Laundry Series) portrays the washing machines, mundane and impersonal everyday objects that acquire significance once charged with emotion and personalized. Each identical washing machine is unique as it crosses path with clothes that identify distinct individuals. The wash cycle tells one’s story and the various stages of life; a set reflects a juxtaposition of various lives side by side. This core idea is painted in acrylic on canvas and further executed on the digital canvas. On another dimension, it is an interactive art, where the viewers are encouraged to set the paintings in motion by spinning them on the wall.


I work with ideas that have the strength to paint and execute themselves