Amsterdam Favorites Part 2: Food & Drink

As our time in Amsterdam sadly comes to an end, we wanted to put up a list of our top places to eat and drink around the city




We were happy to find a huge variety of food options in Amsterdam: from great Indonesian to traditional Dutch and swanky tapas, we were always able to satisfy our cravings.


  • Amazing fried and rotisserie chicken
  • Double-decker burgers to die for
  • De Clercqstraat 81, 1053 AG


  • Chain of steakhouses which specializes in steak cooked in and covered with brown butter
  • Filet mignon cut that's always cooked perfectly mid-rare
  • Multiple locations

La Perla

  • Best pizza in Amsterdam in the best neighborhood; great imported Italian ingredients with fresh local produce
  • Tweede Tuindwarsstraat 53, 1015 RZ

Café De Klepel

  • Small restaurants with tasty prix-fix menu and even better wines; nice local spot
  • Prinsenstraat 22, 1015

Tempoe Doeloe

  • Classic Indonesian -- make sure you get the rijsttafel (rice table) which is the Indonesian equivalent to tapas; small dishes with varying heat levels and ingredients. Super tasty, fun for groups
  • Utrechtsestraat 75, 1017 VJ


  • Fun concept where you pick your own fish and choose how you want it cooked with different seasonings and daily specials
  • Rozengracht 133, 1016 LV

Café Bern

  • Cozy Dutch pub-style restaurant with amazing authentic fondue which is the perfect dipping accompaniment to the entrecote. Great for a cold night in the Dam.
  • Nieuwmarkt 9, 1011


Cafes and Coffee Spots

Amsterdam has a surprisingly intense coffee culture, from the local canalside cafe to the progressive coffee roaster with 14 different options of getting your caffeine fix. By no means is this an exhaustive list of excellent cafes, just a couple of our favorites which provided our daily dose.

Caffe il Momento

  • Tiny coffee shop serving nearly perfect pulls of Italian espresso and cappuccinos
  • Singel 180, 1015 AJ

Screaming Beans

  • Popular local coffee spot in De Negen Straatjes that roasts their own beans and serve a great apple pie
  • Hartenstraat 12, 1016 CB


  • Worldly vibe with funky, high-end equipment and great loose leaf teas & matcha lattes
  • Binnen Dommersstraat 15, 1013 HK

Lot Sixty One 

  • A rustic spot that roasts beans in-house and displays the whole process in front of you
  • Kinkerstraat 112, 1053 ED



Brown Cafes

Little note on these -- the brown cafe is a classic Dutch pub which gets its name from the walls which turned brown after years of cigarette smoke. Go to one for a beer and a quick snack while people-watching.

Café 't Smalle

  • Traditional brown cafe with a seating area on the water, which makes for the perfect place to waste away a summer afternoon.
  • Egelantiersgracht 12, 1015 RL

Café De Dokter

  • One of the coolest bar interiors you’ll ever find; hidden in an alley off of one of the main shopping streets is this time capsule of a bar where you’ll find a great selection of beers.
  • Rozenboomsteeg 4, 1012 PR

De Pilsener Club

  • Beer pub near the Dam Square with a large selection of local beers on tap and some nice outdoor seating.
  • Begijnensteeg 4, 1012 PN

Café Gollem

  • Tiny little beer bar with tons of beers from all around Europe. Great vibe near the city center.
  • Raamsteeg 4, 1012 VZ

Classic Amsterdam Snacks

These are some of the snacks that are quintessential to Dutch culture and ones that you should try when you visit Amsterdam (we’ve also mentioned our favorite places to get them).


  • Traditional Dutch bar snack made of beef or veal, mixed with broth, butter, flour, and parsley, then deep fried. These go perfectly with a cold beer.
  • M.A.K. Favorite: Café De Tuin (Jordaan)


  • Fries are another popular snack which you can find everywhere in Amsterdam; forget about everything else because there is one place that makes by far the best we’ve ever tasted in Europe. Our favorite topping is the oorlog: peanut sauce, mayonnaise, and chopped onions -- don’t miss this!
  • M.A.K. Favorite: Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx (Centrum)


  • Very traditional and popular Dutch snack, but certainly an acquired taste. Salty, fishy, stinky, and slimy, herring is usually served whole with pickles and chopped raw onions. We prefer it in sandwich form to mask some of the taste.
  • M.A.K. Favorite: Frens Haringhandel (Centrum)


  • The infamous stroopwafel quickly became our favorite sweet snack to have with tea. Caramel syrup is spread between two thin layers of dough and then pressed together on a waffle iron. The trick is to put the cookie on top of a hot cup of tea or coffee to soften the syrup and warm the cookie. Bring home as many as you can on the way back.
  • M.A.K. Favorite: Caffe il Momento (for pre-made/bagged); Original Stroopwafels at Albert Cuyp Markt (fresh)