Thoughtfully Sourced & Crafted

The M.A.K. is all about classic American treats: not only tasty, but sustainable and clean. We take pride in sourcing the highest quality and most pure ingredients for our products while also supporting a sustainable food supply.

From our GMO-free Manifesto™ line to hormone-free dairy, we also decided to remove artificial flavorings, and developed natural, house-made alternatives. We strive to be advocates for change in a world where almost all foods contain additives and preservatives. Our commitment to our food supply goes hand-in-hand with baking and creating wholesome goodies.

Maine Lobster Roll

Sourced directly from the lobster capital of the world, juicy meat is tossed in our house-made herb mayonnaise, piled high on a buttery bun, and topped with chives. This is something you definitely don't want to miss!

Cookies and Cream Bash

Cookies and cream is the star of the show in this all-time favorite. White and milk chocolate cream is studded with cookies and cream chunks and then showered with a dark chocolate drizzle. One of the reasons why people call us #thesweetestplace

Manifesto Cookies

Our Manifesto™ Cookie line proudly takes us back to Sweet Street's roots which began with a giant chocolate chip cookie way back in 1979. We've decided to re-invent classic American cookies with 8 decadent and wholesome flavors. Each hand-crafted batch starts with all-butter dough, free of additives and GMO’s, mixed with sustainable chocolates, cage free eggs, and other thoughtfully sourced ingredients to make up an indulgent cookie line to feel good about.


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