Thoughtfully Sourced & Crafted

The M.A.K. is all about classic American treats: not only tasty, but sustainable and clean. We take pride in sourcing the highest quality and most pure ingredients for our products while also supporting a sustainable food supply.

From our GMO-free Manifesto™ line to hormone-free dairy, we also decided to remove artificial flavorings, and developed natural, house-made alternatives. We strive to be advocates for change in a world where almost all foods contain additives and preservatives. Our commitment to our food supply goes hand-in-hand with baking and creating wholesome goodies.

Cinnamon Scone

Our fresh-baked cinnamon scones have the most enticing aroma that you can smell a mile away. Delicate, buttery layers sprinkled with cinnamon chips make the perfect compliment to a cup of our Deadman's Reach pour-over coffee!

Chocolate Lovin' Spoon Cake

This decadent cake is a chocolate lover's dream. A giant mouthful of chocolate pudding between two layers of moist, dark chocolate cake. Every perfect bite leaves you craving another.