As most interesting and exciting tales go we organized our journey to Milan for the Expo Milano 2015 but ended up at the Mercato Metropolitano instead.

The Expo, in case you didn't hear about it, was a huge international food exposition showcasing every country's cuisine, agricultural landscape, ect. in their own pavilion. Our truck was handpicked to represent the American pavilion. So, we packed up flew to Milan and started our adventure....

After arriving in Milan we were sought out by the Mercato Metropolitano in Navigilio, a first of its' kind upscale food market, and decided to join forces. The rest is history.

From there on out we were visited by very hungry italians and many international visitors. On a daily basis we fired up Maine lobster rolls, served fresh drip coffee, and of course fed the masses many many slices of cake. 


Milan Snapshots